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When you are opening your practice, the biggest mistake I see is, without a doubt, overspending on equipment and getting an office larger than you need.

For example, I opened

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Hi Rhinos, Dr. FJ here with episode 18 talking about Courage. Not talking about courage in the typical sense, you know jumping on top of a grenade for your partner.

I’m talking about the courage in your marketing. You have to have the courage to put out your marketing material exactly what you do and exactly who it’s for and be willing to let some people go elsewhere, because obviously, it’s not for everyone. Can Chiropractic help everyone? Of course.

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Hi Rhinos, Dr. FJ with Rhino University

This video I’ll be talking about the Unique Corrective System™. This is an internal marketing strategy that no one in the profession is teaching (yet). Almost everyone is teaching “screen, screen, screen.. talk, talk, talk” or just talking about facebook ads “hey! I got this crazy special!”

That’s all fine, you know, I’ve done lots of screenings and talks in the past but THIS is more important than all of that. THIS is how you differentiate yourself from the market. If you want people to Value what you do, if you want people to follow what you do, if you want educated referrers who then tell their friends and family bringing educated referrals that are happy to go through your process and happy to pay you well for what YOU DO, then THIS IS KEY!

The number 1 reason why people don’t do it? They’re afraid.
They’re afraid of saying straight up, “this is what we do” and having a few people go somewhere else.

You have to have the courage and toughness to allow those people to go somewhere else. It’s OKAY.

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  Appeal To Everyone This is the most common mistake in all of marketing. Don’t get me wrong of course Chiropractic can help everyone but that doesn’t matter; by trying to appeal to everyone you appeal to no one. The reason we do this? Fear   We are afraid that if we only speak to kids, pregnant women, people who want gentle, chronics, etc… then we are missing so many other people who could come to our office. We are also afraid if we only speak to this smaller group and they don’t like us then there will be no...

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So many times, whether or not a patient commits to your care depends primarily on how believable you are.

The patient sees the value.

They know they need to do something.

They want a better quality of life.

But, they say "Yes" or "No" based on whether they believe you are the person that can deliver the results for them.

And this is why marketing is so important.

If the patient

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