Who We Are


Dr. Fred Schofield came to the USA with $40 dollars in his pocket and a scholarship to play rugby at Palmer Chiropractic College, in Davenport, IA.

While at Palmer, he met his wife Susan, who at the time was a pharmacist. Susan was frustrated seeing that many of her patients weren’t getting better. Dr. Fred was the first to expose her to the chiropractic philosophy of healing "from above down inside and out" and from there she was hooked. She would go on to study herbs and nutritional healing with the great Dr. Bernard Jensen and use these tools to help Dr Fred’s patients achieve the best results possible.

Together, they moved to Phoenix, AZ and opened their first practice. In the beginning, they consistently struggled, making only $250 their first month. With a 2 year old, FJ, and Susan 8 months pregnant with their 2nd child, Paxton, Dr. Fred was desperate! He called a few Chiropractic consultants and they all said, stay where you’re at, location doesn’t matter.

He went to a hill that night, running to the top and back down over and over until he finally fell over, exhausted. In that moment he had an idea. He went and found an old 3 x 5 index card he had written on years before, and read what he had wrote “blue carpet, blue wall paper and an aquarium.” 

That night he drove around for hours looking for "his practice". He spotted a lease sign in a window, pulled in and looked in through the window; the office had blue carpet, blue wall paper and an aquarium. In that moment, he knew this was where he needed his practice to be. 

Overnight, he and Susan moved their entire practice to this new location. The day after Susan gave birth to Paxton and they opened the doors to the new location. That week, they saw 54 new patients! Dr. Fred and Susan would go onto to see 1,500 patient a week in that practice, consistently over 1,000 patient visits a week for 7 years. Dr. Fred took care of the patients and Susan ran the front desk. To this day, they still practice out of that office, and yes, it still has blue walls and blue carpet.

After several years Chiropractors started hearing about Dr. Fred’s success in practice and they started calling the Schofield’s at home asking questions and seeking advice. Finally one Sunday night someone called and Susan told Dr. Fred, “that’s it, do a seminar! Tell them what they want and need to know, be done with it!” They booked a room for 10 people and 60 people showed up. This is when Schofield Chiropractic Training (SCT - MoChihChu) was born.

Dr. Fred taught the mindset necessary to win in practice and Susan taught the CA skills for an effective front desk. Through this, SCT trainings flourished.

In the early 2000’s the chiropractic landscape starting changing; there were more chiropractors, less insurance reimbursement, and the housing market crashed. During this time, Dr. FJ Schofield started his own practice with his wife Dr. Korie, in West Bend, WI, which on top of all the adversity and hurdles was a competitive town for Chiropractic. Dr. FJ hustled, using screenings, talks and networking groups to help build their practice; they were able to grow it to 200PV/week in only 14 weeks!

Dr. FJ quickly realized that those marking strategies worked, but were very time consuming and exhausting. His son Freddie was born later that year and he wanted to spend his weekends at home, not at screenings. If he could leverage modern technology, he could attract the people he wanted to serve, and could do screenings and talks when he CHOSE TO.

Dr. FJ began obsessively studying communication, marketing and, business and leadership. He found that communication tactics in chiropractic needed upgrading; the scaring, slimey, pushy and pressure schemes were unethical and needed to stop. There had to be a better way, and there was.

He learned to utilize social psychology to ethically attract and influence people; this allowed him to focus on helping people while having fun and prospering! He began to utilize organizational, time and energy management tools to keep a happy and balanced family life at home. These tools and playbooks combined with Dr. Fred’s mindset trainings, have made SCT the #1 training program in Chiropractic for ethical success. Together, Dr. Fred, Susan and Dr. FJ have trained over 20,000+ doctors, CAs and students.