Why The Rhino?

You may have come across a few Rhinos in the Chiropractic landscape.
What does it mean? Where does it come from?

In the early 80s Dr. Fred and Susan had a patient come in and gifted them a Rhino. She proceeded to tell them that the Schofields charged through life like Rhinos. This metaphor ran parallel with Dr. Fred's Philosophy of MoChihChu: (moving forward without hesitation) and ever since, the Rhino has been a mascot and symbol for the MoChihChu attitude and mindset unique to Schofield Chiropractic Training.

When you see a Rhino in the Chiropractic field, whether in a logo, on a tshirt or displayed in their office, that often means that the doctor has trained under Dr. Fred and Susan and has adapted the Rhino Mindset and MoChihChu Philosophy in their daily lives.

We LOVE seeing offices displaying this symbol and shows just how far the Rhino has charged!


There are 3 types of people:
Cows, Sheep and Rhinos.

Cows sit in the pasture and only experiences what comes into the
meadow, never venturing outward unless herded.

Sheep will follow everyone else and not originate its own thoughts
or path.

Rhinos will take charge of situations and set new ideals.

When it comes to health, the cow waits for a "cure," the sheep follows everyone else, while the Rhino Charges towards what the Rhino De-Sires.

The Rhino CHARGES forward without Hesitation.

Artwork by Alexis Schofield
©2019 MoChihChu