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Rapport is essential, and likeability is one of the laws of influence.

However, common ground can be hard to find sometimes.

How else can you build rapport with your patients?

Give them a sincere compliment.

Look for something about them. It could be where they are from, the school they went to, the work they do, their name, their clothes, their hair, their children, their hobbies or interests, etc.

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For those of you who don't know my story, I played college tennis, and my sophomore, I went 11-10 at the #4 position. It was a disappointing year.

In my junior year, I moved to the #3 position, so I was playing a higher quality opponent, and I went 18-2. My winning percentage went from just over 50% to 90%.

I was not drastically more talented and had the same size and speed, obviously, but my results were so much better.

What happened?

I improved my focus. I became intensely focused on the now and concerning myself with my performance.

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When I got into practice, I had a challenging time critiquing my team. I wasn’t sure how to instruct the members of my team without hurting feelings.
I realized this is not college football; you can’t just chew people out and have them keep coming back for more. I found a military tool that I now call the Performance Improver.
It consists of 3 essential and simple questions that allow you to help coach people without hurting feelings and coming off negative.

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