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The other night I was lying next to my 3-year-old daughter at bedtime, and she grabbed my arm and squeezed it tight. Earlier that day, she had had a nuclear tantrum that I am sure people 100 miles away heard.

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We live in a noisy world. There are more distractions than ever before. A lot of it is useful if you control the noise. There are more documentaries, motivational speeches, instructional videos, and programs to build your skills and mindset at our disposal than ever before.

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When you have a recipe, you know what ingredients are needed. 

You know when and how much to use.

With a recipe, anyone can make delicious chocolate chip cookies or a great lasagna.

The problem when the recipe is in your head, only you can make the meal.

That's nice for the ego but bad for growing and scaling your business.

(If you love being super busy and prefer minimal staff and love every aspect of your business, you are maintaining a healthy work/life balance for your health and family. Then keep on keeping on.)

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The short answer is both.

Goals help set the direction, but are the result, so they end, which can prevent continual growth.

You hear docs all the time talking about what they did 20 years ago but are no longer doing much.

Most of us are actually good at writing goals, but "process" goals are much less understood or talked about.

"Process" is about daily execution that helps achieve the goals.

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I have seen doctors receive a script, learn it, and explode, and others in a similar situation struggle.

The script is important sure.

That's why I created scripts (you can get at RDT), but much more important than the words is the confidence and conviction behind those words.

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