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Over the years, I've heard many talk about "this is the way to make money; this is how you get the money."

Then years later, they are doing something completely different or are miserable doing the same thing.

When evaluating an opportunity, one of the first aspects I look at to decide if I will say 'yes' or 'no' is

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Hi Rhinos!

I want to talk about a very simple and effective tool/strategy - it’s really just about caring and showing people you care. Anyone can do it, but few do because it takes actual emotional labor, it’s emotional work to care; sometimes it hurts but showing that pain and compassion creates an incredible relationship with people. It’s a game changer. Not everyone that comes into your office will stay with you long enough to get well, but you can show you care with every single person.

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You are going to open your office, tell the story, and everyone’s mind is going to change and commit to lifetime care.

The problem is people’s minds rarely change.

If they do, it never happens from you forcing your ideas, philosophy, and knowledge on them.

If they are to change

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find a vast majority of chiropractors fall into two groups.

One wants to be every patient's friend and won't tell people what they need to hear.

The other tells everyone they need 80 visits because they look at each patient like there is a dollar sign flashing above their head.

Neither of these options works well long term.

If you try to be everyone's friend, you will not be respected, you will find poor patient compliance, and that leads to frustration and poor results.

If you recommend 80 visits regardless of what's going on with the patient, eventually people figure this out, and referrals and reacts are few and far between.

Then screenings and talks become your life, which becomes exhausting and not much fun.

There is a better way.

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We all know, getting people to trust you, is the key to better outcomes and commitment to care.

If people trust the messenger, they will trust the message.

Building rapport helps in gaining trust, of course, but is there any way to build trust faster?

and YES, there is!

It happens

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