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The longer I am in practice, the more I see rest and time off are crucial for success.

One of the critical issues I work on with my coaching clients is taking time off.

Holidays and vacations are, of course, essential, but that isn't the time off I'm discussing here.

You need to prioritize and schedule rest and time off every week.

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There is no perfect practice, perfect technique, perfect script, perfect marketing plan, perfect hiring program.

Those hyperbolic claims are ego and sales.

There is fundamental mastery, skill development, maximizing innate talents, and growing a high-level team, but mistakes still happen, employees still have to be let go, patients still don’t commit.

However, if you are

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When you are always available to your patients, have all your notifications on, checking your email, and the entire world has access to you, you and those closest to you suffer.

This approach will ultimately lead to your exhaustion and burnout.

It also prevents your

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The other night I was lying next to my 3-year-old daughter at bedtime, and she grabbed my arm and squeezed it tight. Earlier that day, she had had a nuclear tantrum that I am sure people 100 miles away heard.

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I know most coaches & speakers like to talk about work & family balance, but I see very few who have truly mastered it.

Each year at the December training, I write out my long term vision.

Where I want to be in 30 years and where I want to be when I am 100.

One of the first goals is: my wife, Korie and I are happily married to each other, our children are healthy and thriving, and that we have a fun, loving, and supportive relationship with them.

These goals, like all goals, will only be achieved if there are action steps that you consistently execute, if not, they are just wishes.

When you are an owner & operator that loves what you do, it is easy to neglect your family, yourself and your health.

Here are 3 actions I have executed in my own life that have helped me maintain great work, life, and family balance.

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