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I have stopped doing moderate length goals. I think our world is

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Long term vision helps set the general direction we are heading.

Knowing the direction you want to go allows

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Hey Rhinos, Dr. FJ. I want to talk today about the most important phrase you will ever learn. I don’t care how much time you spend with your patients. What you DO need to do is be very efficient with your language so you’re not wasting 10-15 minutes talking about the weather when you could be checking and adjusting people. Now, some visits will take longer – it could be more complicated, has more resistance, so you need to spend that time.

I’m not saying not to build a relationship with your patients – I’m all about getting to know my patient’s families, and their lives, creating rapport and building that relationship BUT I’m talking about that WHILE I’m checking them.

It took Dr. Fred 7 years of MASSIVE daily visits to get this phrase  and it changed his practice.

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These simple little fundamentals implementations work, if you do them, if you don’t do them it won’t work. A lot of people think they’re too simple, it’s amazing the difference it came make. This one was massive for me and really revealed a lot.

This will help you first get aware of what you're doing, your actions on a day-to-day basis.
If you're not aware of them that you can't change them.

The first thing you got to know is, there's a problem, or there's an issue.
>>You feel really busy, and you want to know how do I get less busy, right? How effective are you?  Are you getting a lot done in that business? Usually not.

Now, 9 years into my own practice and probably for the first 5 or 6 years felt so busy, working so many hours. Doing well, but now I look at what we do and it’s just amazing how I’m working so much less, doing so much less and our office is so much more successful, so much more productive, things are getting done so much faster, we’re getting more projects happening, more effectively than I could have done, you know, what we're doing now in a month, used to take a 6 months to a year to get done, and this is one of the keys to that.
What this is called an action analysis.

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The key is to get clear about what your skills are and start using and honing them immediately. There are always a million reasons not to do YOUR work.

There is a resistance that fights you.

It appears in your doubts, fears, excuses, and holds you back from making the impact you seek to make.

It tells you: "you can’t charge that much," "you can’t see that many people," "you can’t take that time off," "only you can do that," ....and then you end up stuck.

Unable to grow, Unable create freedom, Unable to prosper.

The only way I know to overcome this resistance

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