72. My #1 Goal At ROF

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72. My #1 Goal At ROF

My #1 goal at the ROF is very different from most coaches.

I would love to sell a pre-pay (and that is one of my goals if it's right for the patient), but that is not my #1 goal at the ROF.

My #1 goal is to start creating a long-term relationship with that patient and becoming their trusted advisor.

I believe it’s the right and ethical way to approach your business, but I also know that my practice will be far more successful if I can do that in the long run.

My success criteria for my practice are to have fun, help people, and turn a massive profit.

If I can create a long-term relationship with most of my new patients, I will achieve my goals for success.

Some patients may get 3 or 4 adjustments, and others commit to corrective care, but I want to be their chiropractor either way for the rest of their time in my community.

If you're like me, and you want to be your communities go to trusted health advisor.

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