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I want to talk about Mindset in a Crisis. We’ve got the Covid-19 going on right now at the time of this video, but if you’re watching this video in a couple years and corona is long gone, this is applicable to any type of crisis – recession, housing crash, something with insurance companies. There's a few things you have to do that will effect your mindset.

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When our lives and practices feel chaotic and out of control, it can be easy to think about how our practice would be if this current chaos wasn't happening. Maybe you would have broke a record, or perhaps [enter situation] would have happened, or something would have happened. That line of thinking is a waste of time and energy. The first action is always focus on the good, and be grateful. If you had 7 new patients but have been averaging 14 be thankful for the 7, if you saw 300 pv but usually see 450 pv be grateful for...

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