Rhino University EP16: Responsibility

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Rhino University EP16: Responsibility


Hi Rhinos, Rhino University EP 16. Instead of a how to/tactical, this will be more of a mindset episode.

You have to take responsibility for your life, your practice, your success, your family, everything.

Again, you have to take responsibility for everything.

Winston Churchill said the greatest power of humanity is responsibility.

Jim Rohn has one of my favorite quotes, “Don’t wish things were easier, wish you were better”

Get better, take your own responsibility. If you blame someone else for your position, you’re never going to go anywhere. Anytime you have any resistance, it’s someone else’s fault “it’s my town, they just don’t get it” “they don't want xrays in my town” “they don’t like chiropractic in my town”

I remember being at a networking group, and this lady sitting next to me told me she was driving 3 hours across the state to see her chiropractor. Here I was doing screening every weekend, net working, talks, hustling to get a new patient and she’s driving 3 hours to this guy? What’s he got that I’m missing? Funny enough, he became my teacher and taught me upper cervical, but it was the start of this process of how could I GET BETTER? It’s NOT my community.

No blaming, no excuses. When that’s your mindset, you will always quit.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy. Anytime you’re learning a skill, anytime you’re growing, there are always moments of frustration and pain, but you have to get THROUGH it in order to grow. Just like working out, you have to get through the pain threshold, If you don’t go through that, as Arnold said “you’ll never be champion.” Or Muhammad Ali, never counted sit-ups he waited until it started hurting, cause THAT’S what matters and that’s how life is! That’s how your practice is going to be.

If you’re sitting in your car at 5:30, thinking you can’t wait to go home and watch a show, well.. you really can’t expect to be successful. Someone who is HUNGRY for success is going to stay until 7 or 8, they’re going to come in early.  They’re going to put in the work and effort to be GREAT, to build their reputation, to build their patient relationships, and they’re going to win.

That doesn’t mean you don’t set boundaries and limits, because of course you’re going to have to do that, otherwise your family and personal life will suffer and your practice will too.

You got to take total responsibility for your life.

Sit down with yourself, where am I at? Is this where I want to be? If it’s not, no more blaming, no more excuses.

I try to be so transparent and upfront with the docs that train with us and the people I coach, you have to be willing to put in the work, if you want this. The people that grow quickly are always the ones that take action and put in the work! They’re highly motivated and have this huge desire for wanting to provide for the people in their lives. Of course there’s mistakes too, there is always going to be mistakes. I have some 1 star reviews, it happens, but you take from it and you learn from it and you move forward. You take full responsibility for your practice, your life and that’s the starting point for success.


Keep Charging!

Dr. FJ


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