Dr. FJ Schofield

Dr. FJ Schofield

Dr. F.J. decided to become a chiropractor after his father helped heal a back injury he suffered while playing tennis at Florida Atlantic University. After graduating from Palmer Chiropractic College, Dr. FJ worked along side Dr. Fred in Phoenix, Arizona. Soon after, Dr. FJ Schofield started his own practice with his wife Dr. Korie, in West Bend, WI, which on top of all the adversity and hurdles in the Chiropractic landscape, was a competitive town for Chiropractic. Dr. FJ hustled, using screenings, talks and networking groups to help build their practice; they were able to grow it to 200PV/week in only 14 weeks!

Dr. FJ quickly realized that those marking strategies worked, but were very time consuming and exhausting. His son Freddie was born later that year and he wanted to spend his weekends at home, not at screenings. If he could leverage modern technology, he could attract the people he wanted to serve, and could do screenings and talks when he CHOSE TO.

Dr. FJ began obsessively studying communication, marketing and, business and leadership. He found that communication tactics in chiropractic needed upgrading; the scaring, slimey, pushy and pressure schemes were unethical and needed to stop. There had to be a better way, and there was.

He learned to utilize social psychology to ethically attract and influence people; this allowed him to focus on helping people while having fun and prospering! He began to utilize organizational, time and energy management tools to keep a happy and balanced family life at home.

Dr. FJ has a passion for helping other chiropractors create fulfilling and highly profitable practices while maintaining family balance. When he is not working he loves to spend time with his family, play sports with his son Freddie or attend concerts and travel with his wife Dr. Korie.

His favorite quote, "Don't wish things were easier, wish you were better," summarizes Dr. F.J.'s overall approach to Success.


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