Dr. Fred

The OG Rhino

A leading authority in the field of situational & conceptual chiropractic thinking and
the direct application to chiropractic clinical practice.


Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Dr. Fred has a uniqueness, excitement, and intensity about him; he is truly “One of a Kind.”

Both player and coach, working in his office, and coaching chiropractors one on one, he dedicates his time to enhancing planet Earth and the health of humanity through applying and understanding the Principles of ChiropracTIC.

He is committed to helping your practice achieve explosive growth, by providing information, marketing, communication, documentation, financial, and motivational strategies. With the help of his wife, Susan, they personally built a practice from zero to 1,500 patients visit per week, and have been practicing for over thirty five years.


Dr. Fred at Altas Chiropractic
with Paxton Schofield (now, D.C.) and FJ Schofield (now, D.C.)


The Schofield Family
Dr. FJ, Dr. Korie, Susan, Dr. Paxton, Gira and Dr. Fred


"I Love Dr. Fred's FIRE for the TIC!" -Lina Z.

"Tuned in, Tapped in and Turned WAY UP! Thank you Dr. Fred for always being an inspiration!" -Sandy R.


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@Fred Schofield DC