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Following up on my last blog, the patient believing in your ability to deliver results is crucial to their compliance and commitment. Here are 5 simple ways you can improve your authority when they enter your office: Put on a clinic jacket, it is proven the most persuasive clothing for doctors. Put diplomas and certificates on the wall. Put more testimonials out in your office. Make sure your office is clean and professional. Using before and after pics and stories. You can do x-rays, scans, posture pics, and just symptoms and quality of life change before and aftercare. (Before and...

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There is a 3 step process to perpetually growing you office, that I have used over the years.

This process consists of 3 D's:

  1. Decision
  2. Develop
  3. Deliver

Growth always requires a decision that you will want to make based on strategy, and this will always require some courage.

You will have to be willing to make yourself uncomfortable and do something you have never done, or you have to give away responsibility of a duty, you have always done, to your team.

The next phase is

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I was speaking at a recent seminar and explained that in the summer, my office has a screening booth at the Farmer’s Market.

It is only 4 hours long, and I pay my team to do it.

They can make more money, and I get that time with my family, so we all win.

But someone in the audience said, “You are above that?”

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If you are anything like me when you get to work you put your game face on and go to work.

This is great for your patients, but if you are busy, you might never actually get to know your team.

Not getting to know your team is a huge mistake. Creating a relationship with your team and understanding what’s going on in their lives will help build rapport, trust, and loyalty.

To do this,

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