#126: You Can’t Be Great At Everything, So…

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#126: You Can’t Be Great At Everything, So…

You can’t be great at everything.


We have all heard the saying jack of all trades and master of none.

Only in a vacuum does this lead to success.

If you have no competition and supply and demand are in your favor, that can work.

However, in a competitive market, you are going to struggle.

It would be best if you decided on a couple of skills that you will do at an elite level and become great at those.

Then create a team that supports you.

Stop trying to do it all, and anything you don’t love, start thinking about who, not how.

So, who can do my marketing for me, who can do this screening for me, who can help manage this office for me, who can mow my yard for me, who can do content creation for me, who can do these taxes for me, who can invest this money for me, etc.?

You need to find people you can trust who have skills in areas you don’t and leverage that by hiring them or their company.

Then develop your skills in your talent areas.

You get paid for your skills.

So, develop them, show the world the value you can provide them, and enjoy a fun and amazing practice.

lead to success.

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