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If you have no competition and supply and demand are in your favor, that can work.

However, in a competitive market, you are going to struggle.

It would be best if you decided on a couple of skills that you will do at an elite level and become great at those.

Then create a team that supports you.

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The approach most people take to keeping their team together is bonuses when the office does really well.

I previously did this and still recommend it.

However, I have found 90% of the time my team members prefer

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When I opened my practice, I focused on marketing, communication, technique, sales, and on and on but what I was surprised to find is none of those skills were the most challenging part of the practice.

For me, the most exhausting and challenging part of practice was hiring and training my team.

I spent a lot of time and energy; evaluating my process and realized attracting quality people is everything.

You can be the best coach in the world but if your players all suck it doesn’t matter.

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