5. The Most Difficult part of practice…It’s not what you think

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5. The Most Difficult part of practice…It’s not what you think

When I opened my practice, I focused on marketing, communication, technique, sales, and on and on but what I was surprised to find is none of those skills were the most challenging part of the practice.

For me, the most exhausting and challenging part of practice was hiring and training my team.

I spent a lot of time and energy; evaluating my process and realized attracting quality people is everything.

You can be the best coach in the world but if your players all suck it doesn’t matter.

Phil Jackson had Jordan & Pippen then Kobe & Shaq, Bill Belichik has Tom Brady.

All the training in the world doesn’t matter if you have someone who doesn’t have the ability or the work ethic to do the job well.

Don’t get me wrong training is essential, and I will go over a massive mistake in my next email that people make all the time with their team training.

But for the training to matter, you have to attract people that have the ability and desire to do a good job.

One key that has been effective in my hiring process is early morning interviews. Schedule the interview right away in the morning the earlier, the better. 8 am, 7 am, 6 am are great times to interview. Also, do a group for the first one, do 3-5 at a time if you have a significant response.

I learned this from the Purdue men’s basketball coach. He does his walk-on tryouts at 6 am, because if done at 6 pm 10 times as many guys showed up, he said.

I have found, this is the best way to ensure your new team member has the desire to work.

There are methods to make sure they have the mental capability, but first, you need to make sure they want to work.

Keep Charging,

Dr. FJ Schofield

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