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In this Video, SCT Coach Dr. FJ talks about the Rhino Exam that will prove your authority and unique value #DDNP

Success is not a huge secret.
You have to master the

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When I looked at our profession and saw how most coaches were teaching Consultation & ROF, I was appalled.

They were using fear and manipulation as tools for trying to force people to commit. This is totally unethical to me, and I never want to use those kind of tactics in my office.

I wanted to get paid well for my expertise, specialized knowledge and skill, but I didn't want to manipulate and scare my patients.

I knew there must be a way to get patients to commit to care with honor and integrity. There had to be a better way.

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In this video, SCT coach Dr. FJ talks about The Rhino Consultation. This is the key to getting New Patients, getting your marketing dialed in and doing your first and 2nd visit properly. The Consultation at the very least gives the opportunity and time to set up a care plan so you can help them.

This ROF and Consult is what allowed me to grow to 200 new patients in only 14 weeks and continue growing. It’s so important to know how to do this because this is where you start to grow relationships with your patients!

So if you’ve done a lot of other programs, take a shower, get the slime off of you – this is going to be totally ethical, you won’t have to give up your integrity, your sincerity or your honor to have a successful practice.

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