Rhino University EP2: The Rhino Exam

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Rhino University EP2: The Rhino Exam

SCT Coach Dr. FJ talks about the Rhino Exam that will prove your authority and unique value #DDNP

Success is not a huge secret.

You have to master the fundamentals. You gotta be able to do them when the office is packed without thinking – it’s just a reflex that brings you massive results. It’s what you can do under pressure that matters.

We want to change the profession so that we have more Principled, Successful Chiropractors, only then can we make REAL CHANGE TOGETHER. Listen to these free Rhino University tips that WILL. MAKE. A. DIFFERENCE.

The biggest mistake made during the exam is that they’re SILENT.

The most common thing that untrained Chiropractors come to us with is that they talk the whole consult. They’re trying to educate people, which is good, but it’s all about “ME” – “Let me talking to you about the subluxation,” “let me tell you about the adjustment, “let me…”

No, the consult should be about LISTENING. Asking Questions: When did it start? How long has it been going on? When was the first time? When was the last time?

Listening. Listening. Listening.

Take down information, keep asking questions, keep connecting with them and getting to know them, get interested in them. Then, the exam is YOUR Time to Talk.

Explain your findings out loud.
This is number 1: Touch and Tell You explain your findings out loud. “There’s tension here” Explain your technique, explain what you’re doing.

Number 2: Be Thorough! Go slow, take your time! Your patient is evaluating you the entire time. They’re wondering, is this person an authority? Do it RIGHT

Number 3: Be Unique Take your spinal technique you believe in and make it different. Create a Unique Proprietary Blend and then have a unique evaluation to go along with it.

Are you a skilled quality chiropractor? They won’t know that if you’re silent and not talking about what YOU uniquely do!

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