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Dr. FJ here with your next episode of Rhino University.

I’m really excited about this episode – we’re going to talk about Scaling your Office. How do you scale it and in turn create more freedom for yourself?

For most of the Chiropractic profession the doctor is the doctor, the owner, the operator and in order to make more you needed to see more. See more, see more, see more – but eventually you get tired, you get older and you start seeing a decline.

I don’t want that. I want my office to grow forever, for my office to perpetually grow. I also want a Self-Propelled office that I don’t have to micromanage.

That takes skills and time to develop  -  but the thinking we have in our profession that hasn’t changed yet is the old-school factory model

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In this Video, SCT Coach Dr. FJ talks about the Rhino Exam that will prove your authority and unique value #DDNP

Success is not a huge secret.
You have to master the

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Following up on my last blog, the patient believing in your ability to deliver results is crucial to their compliance and commitment. Here are 5 simple ways you can improve your authority when they enter your office: Put on a clinic jacket, it is proven the most persuasive clothing for doctors. Put diplomas and certificates on the wall. Put more testimonials out in your office. Make sure your office is clean and professional. Using before and after pics and stories. You can do x-rays, scans, posture pics, and just symptoms and quality of life change before and aftercare. (Before and...

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You may have been wondering how to get new patient’s in the modern world.

This is what we teach at our Marketing Mastery 1 & 2 trainings.

Many of our clients are using these techniques to attract 10-20 new patients every week and some even more than that.

I will share many of these tools with you in a moment and how you can get access to all of them.

But, first a question for you:

How many times have you thought about how you

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Continued growth requires strategy and tactical decision making.

You have to know where you want to go and then work backward to decide what is the most significant barrier to your growth.

In the beginning, it’s usually

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