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82. The Secret To Lasting Chiropractic Practice Success

The secret to success is strategic disengagement.

The longer I am in practice, the more I see rest and time off are crucial for success.

One of the critical issues I work on with my coaching clients is taking time off.

Holidays and vacations are, of course, essential, but that isn't the time off I'm discussing here.

You need to prioritize and schedule rest and time off every week.

If you just opened your practice, you have to pay your dues.

I screened every weekend and woke up at 4 am for years, but now I am in a different place.

So, now I am sleeping more and have created a schedule to coach my son's baseball, soccer and basketball teams.

I have a team that takes care of the duties I suck at, and I focus my time and energy on the 5 things I am great at doing.

And now, I get more done in less time.

In high school, my coach told me Agassi only practiced about 90 minutes a day.

Then the rest of the time took care of his body and mind.

Meanwhile, I was practicing 6 hours a day.

There are different requirements during your growth and training process than when you are 10 years into the game or more.

If you are doing well, then fatigue is your greatest enemy, and taking time off each week to sleep and rest along with regular holidays is the key to long-lasting success.

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