63. What Are You Learning?

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63. What Are You Learning?

Perpetual growth requires continual improvement and continual improvement requires constant learning.


What are you going to learn about this year?


I have committed to digging deeper into social media marketing and, of course, will share what works for me and doesn’t.

But it can also be something simple, what might be an essential skill now that you never learned well.

For example, I will also take a typing class to learn to type faster.

Right now, my six-year-old son types faster than me.

I just watched an interview with Conor McGregor, and he was talking about having a learning mindset.

He has more money than he can ever spend but wants to keep learning, so he can keep getting better.

Having this mindset is one reason he was one of the most successful fighters in the world.   

Don’t just pick any subject.

Pick a topic that fascinates and excites you.

Or a skill that will benefit you with something that fascinates or excites you. 

Adding that emotion to it will make it fun and memorable.


Keep Charging!

-Dr. FJ Schofield


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