69. Stop Being Jealous And Get Better

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69. Stop Being Jealous And Get Better

Early on in practice, I was angry that Blue Cross And Blue Shield closed their network and would not let me or any other new chiropractors in-network.

Every week people would call or come in with BCBS, and their insurance would have paid us well if we were in-network, but we weren’t, so they would leave or hang up and go somewhere else.

I would read a quote from Jim Rohn, “don’t wish things were easier, wish you were better,” and over time, this became a mantra for me.

That is what I did.

I started getting better at technique, communication, and marketing, leading me to create a unique and results-based practice.

Now 10 years later, every week, people pay out of pocket when their insurance doesn’t cover, or we are out of network.

When you are jealous, you go nowhere, but if you use that emotion to focus on getting better, you will see those challenges that upset you, forced you to get better, stronger, and smarter.

That growth will allow you to help more people and make more money, but the growth won’t happen if you focus on what others have and don’t.

Instead, focus on what you control and improving there.

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