11. Work & Family Balance

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11. Work & Family Balance

I know most coaches & speakers like to talk about work & family balance, but I see very few who have truly mastered it.

Each year at the December training, I write out my long term vision.

Where I want to be in 30 years and where I want to be when I am 100.

One of the first goals is: my wife, Korie and I are happily married to each other, our children are healthy and thriving, and that we have a fun, loving, and supportive relationship with them.

These goals, like all goals, will only be achieved if there are action steps that you consistently execute, if not, they are just wishes.

When you are an owner & operator that loves what you do, it is easy to neglect your family, yourself and your health.

Here are 3 actions I have executed in my own life that have helped me maintain great work, life, and family balance.

  1. Schedule time for your family

A family dinner during the week can be challenging to execute at first. So, how about scheduling a family breakfast.

when I was building my practice I used to get home regularly after 8pm, but Tuesday and Thursday mornings were available so that I could have breakfast with my family.

I did this for years.

Now that I have an associate, on Tuesdays I have breakfast and dinner with my family. I am only gone 12 weekends a year for seminars, including the ones I speak at, the other 40 weekends I am with my family.

I currently only adjust one Saturday a month, and next year, my associate will be doing that.

My Friday afternoons, unless traveling, are always family time. So, most weeks I have a 2 ½ day weekend for my family.

Every quarter I schedule a long weekend to be with my family, and we do 2 to 4 week-long family trips each year.

More time off is incredible, but even 12 weeks of vacation every year isn't enough if the other 40 weeks you are gone, that is a recipe for disaster.

Scheduling dinners and lunches with just you and your spouse are also important. Do a spa day or some other relaxing activity you both enjoy to make sure you keep that relationship healthy.

  1. Decide Your Schedule

Sit down and decide when you will do ROF's, re-Xrays, adjust, and anything else you do.

If you leave it up to the patients, you will be there seven days a week.

It's okay to let the patient who hasn't been in for three years suffer one more day, and you enjoy your Sunday with your family. Hey, maybe they'll learn not to wait so long.

  1. When You Are Off, Be Off

Work hard, but when you are off from work, be off from work.

Don't talk about work, check or do anything work-related during your family & rest time.

This time is for your family, so engage with them. They don't need to know how many new patients you had this month. Talk about what interests your kids and your spouse.

These have all helped me maintain great balance, and if you implement them they will help you too.

Keep Charging,

Dr. FJ Schofield

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