55. Chase Impact First

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55. Chase Impact First

Over the years, I've heard many talk about "this is the way to make money; this is how you get the money."

Then years later, they are doing something completely different or are miserable doing the same thing.

When evaluating an opportunity, one of the first aspects I look at to decide if I will say 'yes' or 'no' is impact.

Does this decision allow me to create value and help people?

I am all for adding new services that allow you to help more people and make more money.

I recently added hormone balancing as a new service in our office.

It has started generating revenue, and we are going to help a lot of people with it.

However, please don't add services for money only; that is a great way to get miserable quickly.

Look for what makes an impact first.

Keep Charging!

-Dr. FJ Schofield


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