#125. 3 Reasons You Haven’t Created A Team

#125. 3 Reasons You Haven’t Created A Team

One of the most significant problems I see in our profession is Doc's (Practice Owner's) struggle to create a team.

If you don't have a strong team, you can't create freedom.

You can still do well financially, but freedom and burnout will always be issues.

Creating a team is one of my greatest strengths and is where I have been making my most significant contribution to the profession and at the training.

There are 3 actions I have seen over the years that consistently prevent docs from creating a quality team.

#1 Hiding Collections from team

I used to see this a lot when I first graduated, but it is harder to hide as many offices have transitioned to predominantly cash.

However, I would recommend never hiding your collections, no matter what.

If you do, it is them and us, not a team.

You are the leader; they know you do well financially.

Hiding your collections was a way to try and avoid paying your team more, but that won't work if you want quality team members (especially in our current economic climate).

Eventually, you are going to have to give raises.

So, this should be open information for all to see.

#2 Creative Input

Ask your team for input on decisions.

Doing this includes and empowers them.

Your job is to help people find their strengths and utilize them.

Making everyone around you better is the job of an influential leader.

If someone has worked hard on a task, don't change it unless you have to.

There is nothing worse than putting in work and having someone not use it or change it.

Please give them the freedom to do what they think is best, unless there is a significant issue.

#3 Don't Stop And Take Back After First Mistake

It is so common for a doc to delegate a duty then the first time there is a mistake, they start doing the duty themselves again.

Doing this traps you.

So, make sure your team is trained first, then delegate and let them make mistakes the same way you and I did when you first started.

Let them take ownership and run with it.

If they are competent and engaged, it will be fine.

If they are not, then let them go and find someone who is.


Keep Charging!

Dr. FJ Schofield

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