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From Meta - How to create a Meta Ad 

You can create an ad for multiple platforms in Meta Business Suite. This can help you reach more customers and reach your business goals.

There are different types of ads on Facebook. This article will explain how to create an ad in Meta Business Suite. To use existing content to create an ad, you can try boosting a post.

Before you begin

The steps below only apply if you’re trying to create an ad on Meta Business Suite desktop. Learn more about how to create an ad on Meta Business Suite mobile app.

Create an ad

  1. In Meta Business Suite desktop, click on Ads from the left sidebar. Then select Create ad in the top right. You can also click the Promote button located at the top of your homepage.
  2. Select your ad account from the dropdown menu in the top right.
  3. Select a goal for your ad.
  4. Complete the sections on the next screen. Depending on what goal you select, we may ask you to give us information for your:
    • Ad Creative: Select a format, upload your photo or video(s), and fill in your ad text and headline. You can also select your call to action and whether you want to use Meta Advantage+ placements. Learn more about how placements work.
    • Special Ad Category: Select whether you’re running an ad for credit, employment or housing offers. Learn more about choosing a special ad category.
    • Audience: Select who you want to see the ad based on specific traits, like their interests, location, gender, age group and more. You can select an audience that we’ve created for you, like people who like your Page, or you can select an audience you’ve used before. Click Create New Audience to use a new group.
    • Schedule and Duration: Select a Start date and Start time for your ad. You can choose how long you’d like the ad to run by editing Days or select an End date to determine your ad’s duration.
    • Daily Budget: Select a daily budget. This is the amount you will spend on your ad each day for the duration of your ad. The estimated number of people your ad will reach will change based on what you select.
    • Customer Info: Select what information you want to collect from customers in your form. Click Show More Options for more information that might be helpful for you.
    • Payment: Select the ad account that we should charge for this ad and how you want to pay for it. We may also ask you to select your currency.
    • Privacy Policy: If your business has a privacy policy, you can add it directly to your ad. Fill in the information for the title of your policy and a link to the policy to include it with your ad.
  5. On the right, you can preview how your ad will look. Click the preview dropdown to see how it will look across different formats.
  6. When you’re done, click Promote now.

Review your ad

You can access your ads by clicking Ads from the menu on the left. Select an ad to see the following information about it:

  • Status: See what the ad’s status is, such as whether the ad is active, in review or completed. You can turn off an ad to make it inactive. The ad will stop running.
  • Campaign information: See information about your ad, such as how long it will run, audience and placements.
  • Ad preview: See how your ad will appear in different placements, along with insights for each placement.
  • Results: Click View Results to see how your ad is performing for a given amount of time, and how much money has been spent on the ad. If you select Lifetime, you can also see results based on the audience.
  • Audience: See how your ad is performing for specific audiences filtered by gender, age, placements and location.
  • Switch ad accounts: Switch accounts under Ads on the top left to see ads for the different ad accounts that you have.


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