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Rhino University EP 18: Courage

Hi Rhinos, Dr. FJ here with episode 18 talking about Courage. Not talking about courage in the typical sense, you know jumping on top of a grenade for your partner.

I’m talking about the courage in your marketing. You have to have the courage to put out your marketing material exactly what you do and exactly who it’s for and be willing to let some people go elsewhere, because obviously, it’s not for everyone. Can Chiropractic help everyone? Of course.

That doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Not everyone is going to do it and not everyone is going to believe in it, and that’s okay. It starts with one person. We think that by appealing to everyone we're not limiting ourselves, but it’s actually the opposite. Appealing to a small niche, you get way more. And most of the time, those people will bring in other people from outside that niche. You appeal to kids, and then you get the mom and then the mom tells her friends, her parents, her partner and now you have all these patients that TRUST you that weren’t in your niche. But it starts with the courage to be clear.

This is what I do, this is who it’s for. If you don’t want that, it’s okay, maybe you should try Dr. Soandso’s approach, that might be a better fit. There are some super manipulative stuff out there, like “I’d rather fail then send them to someone else’s practice” .. it’s just negative and manipulative, I’m not about that. Just be honest and say the approach of another doctor might be better for them.

You also have to have the courage to charge a proper fee, to ask them to pay you well. Now someone starting off will obviously be charging less than a DC 20 years in practice, but still, have the courage to get paid well!


Keep Charging!

Dr. FJ

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