Rhino University EP 10: Unique Corrective System™

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Rhino University EP 10: Unique Corrective System™


Hi Rhinos, Dr. FJ with Rhino University

This video I’ll be talking about the Unique Corrective System™. This is an internal marketing strategy that no one in the profession is teaching (yet). Almost everyone is teaching “screen, screen, screen.. talk, talk, talk” or just talking about facebook ads “hey! I got this crazy special!”

That’s all fine, you know, I’ve done lots of screenings and talks in the past but THIS is more important than all of that. THIS is how you differentiate yourself from the market. If you want people to Value what you do, if you want people to follow what you do, if you want educated referrers who then tell their friends and family bringing educated referrals that are happy to go through your process and happy to pay you well for what YOU DO, then THIS IS KEY!

The number 1 reason why people don’t do it? They’re afraid.
They’re afraid of saying straight up, “this is what we do” and having a few people go somewhere else.

You have to have the courage and toughness to allow those people to go somewhere else. It’s OKAY.

If you’re gentle, then you’re gentle. If you give a forceful adjustment, then you give a forceful adjustment. If you're Gonstead, then you're Gonstead. If they’re looking for an instrument adjustment and that’s not what you do, then this isn’t the place for them.

There are people that will leave, but there are so many more people that will follow you because of what makes you unique. I call it my Unique Corrective system, for my patients it’s called the 90 day Unique Corrective Process. You can call it method, protocol, process, system, it doesn’t really matter. Have a handout, a video, texting them a youtube video about it after their first visit, it’s something we talk about in our office, it’s on our office, on our website, it’s constant. I’ve had a few people look at the handout and go “ah, this isn’t for me” and they leave, no consultation. I used to be afraid of that but that’s Great! You didn’t waste their time, you didn’t waste your time and that’s fine. This is what we do, we think this is the best possible way to take care of someone and if you’re not interested, that’s OKAY.

The BIGGEST mistake in marketing is trying to BE everything TO everyone.

It’s a HUGE mistake, you want to attract people that are interested in what you do, that way there is no selling. This is one of the steps in the “No Sell practice” Attracting people that are interested in what you do and educated, so you don’t have to sell. This is what we got to do, this is how we got to do it and then it’s either “okay, I’m in” or “I don’t know, this isn’t really a good time, this isn’t really for me” but there’s no selling, there’s no pushing, no pressuring, there’s no fear, there’s no convincing.

You are attracting the RIGHT people and it’s clear. So what this is, is a step-by-step proprietary blend.

I guarantee, and I hope, that more people are going to start teaching this, because as a profession we NEED TO GET AWAY FROM THE MANIPULATIVE, FEAR BASED, Push pressure, doing whatever you can to squeeze out every dollar from your patient tactics – it’s slimy and you DON’T NEED TO DO IT.

*Practice with honor, integrity, authenticity and deliver massive value, incredible results and get paid really, really well. But it takes great marketing, education based marketing, in order to do that.*

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