Rhino University EP 9: Mindset in a Crisis

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Rhino University EP 9: Mindset in a Crisis



Hi Everyone, Dr. FJ.

I want to talk about Mindset in a Crisis. We’ve got the Covid-19 going on right now at the time of this video, but if you’re watching this video in a couple years and corona is long gone, this is applicable to any type of crisis – recession, housing crash, something with insurance companies. You have to look at some specific things. When the housing market crashed, Phoenix got CRUSHED in 2009/2010, I was there and saw how it affected the city. There was a lot of unemployment, things were really difficult. So what do you do when someone comes in unemployed, they’re probably not going to do a plan right, so you have to work with the situation and tweak things to work with the current circumstances to get through it. A few years of this crisis and a lot of offices shutdown, there were 5 or 6 offices within a ½ mile of Dr. Fred’s office so now all of those patients are looking for someone. It thinned out the herd and they became New Patients with Dr. Fred.

You got to do a few things.

Number 1: Don’t Complain. No Complaining! No Complaining!

This does not accomplish anything, this does not produce anything. It doesn’t create or achieve anything. It is a WASTE OF TIME & ENERGY.  Hang around with other people who don’t want to listen to complaining either.

You want to connect with your Rhino Family, you want to connect with other Successful Chiropractors to brain storm and to know you’re not the only one going through this. It’s nice, especially with this going on where we’re all kind of stuck in our houses and you can’t really connect with people. This is not a healthy situation, it’s easy to get in your head and start going crazy and things can go wild.

(spur of the moment, going to add on a number 4)


Number 2: You got to look for the opportunity.

Where is the opportunity in all of this? There is always an opportunity within Challenges, adversity, crisis – there is always opportunity. LOOK FOR IT

Number 3: Look at what you’ve been given.

If it’s slow, you’ve been given time. Lets do some new projects, Let’s look at 1 2 3 projects you just haven’t had the time to do, now you have time, let’s do those projects

A lot of people have been working on their social media campaigns and their online presence. So when this all gets back to normal, they’ll 1 have a lot more content out there but also systems in place so when things get going the strategy is already started and you just have to keep the momentum.

Number 4: Write down your fears and worries

Get them out of your head and on paper. Lots of times they can go crazy in your head, but if you get them on paper you can look at them and see that the chances of that happening are slim. It calms yourself down. You can also go back and look at your past crisis, challenges and adversity, times you thought were terrible but they ended up being blessings right, you learned something, you were given an opportunity, something happened.

I hurt my back really bad in College but that experience made me so passionate about becoming a chiropractor, and then it came back when I first opened my practice and that made me explore upper cervical and Nucca and it’s been an amazing experience that’s really positioned our office for the next 20, 30, 40 years to thrive and be able to perform and deliver a service and results/outcomes that very few other offices can do which makes us incredibly unique and has been super powerful in our marketing. All of that came from adversity, from my moments of pain, discomfort and challenges. I learned something and moved forward.

Dr. Fred has plenty of these stories. He almost lost his finger, almost lost his arm – he had several failed surgeries. Thought it was the worst thing to ever happen to him, but if that hadn’t had happened he would have never gone to chiropractic school which was the BEST thing that happened to him.


So these terrible Crisis, adversities and challenges so many times have within them the seeds of amazing opportunities and great blessings, IF your mind is open and aware and ready for them. Lots of times you have to put in work to get it, right?

Opportunities are often missed by most because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like hard work (I forget, I think Thomas Edison said that or something), but it is SO TRUE.

So look for the opportunity, look at what you’ve been given and get all your worries, fears and doubts on paper. You can write out old challenges and what you learned from it. What you’re learning from this experience; maybe you didn’t save as much money so moving forward you’re more disciplined with your spending and saving a ton of money. What’s the lesson you can pull from this and NO COMPLAINING. No one wants to hear it and it accomplishes nothing, let’s be productive, let’s look for the opportunity, let’s put in the work and we’re going to THRIVE. We’re going to THRIVE. This is why we train, this is why you want to connect with other Rhinos to make sure you’re ready to get THROUGH THIS and then kill it because there’s going to be a boom and you got to be ready to handle that. Alright, so take a look at this, implement it and figure out what’s applicable to you. Together we can change this profession forever for the better, but we got to make sure we have a bunch of super successful Rhino Chiropractors out there.

Keep Charging!

Dr. FJ

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