Rhino University EP 17: Thot Inventory

Rhino University EP 17: Thot Inventory


Hi Rhinos,

Dr. FJ with Rhino University – THOT spelled that way out of respect of one of my heroes, DD Palmer.

He’s the first one that really should me how powerful and important marketing is.  That’s how he created his incredible wealth, his desire to get the message of Chiropractic, so you got to market! They wouldn’t let him market in the magazine Chiropractic because it was considered “Witch Doctory” so they wouldn’t let him. What did he do? He created his own printing press so that he could spread the word of Chiropractic! Think of this man’s desire and unstoppable will and courage. Instead of blaming and becoming the victim of not being able to it, it was “fine – I’ll make my own” and he did! And it Worked! He then went on to radio stations with the whole idea of the marketing of Chiropractic.

Sooo long introduction – let’s get into a Thot Inventory!

I want you to do a thot inventory. As you’re going through your day – just be aware of the thots going on in your mind. How many of them are productive, positive, building, growing, and nurturing vs beating you down, negative, nagging and counterproductive. “You’re not your father, you’ll never be like him” “there’s a lot of chiropractors in your town, you’re never going to make it” “there’s no insurance anymore, you’ll never make it” “Why are we even doing this?” “What’s the point”


That’s why we’re so big on meditation and affirmations – to quiet the mind and program the internal dialogue. It doesn’t mean you won’t have doubts, it just means that they won’t paralyze you and they’re not there all the time.


I’ve heard somewhere that we have 60 thousand thots a day, and it matters how many of them are Positive vs how many are negative. IT MATTERS.

When you get tired, you get negative – that’s why rest, taking breaks, regenerating, nutrition, exercise is all SO IMPORTANT so you can keep that energy high. By starting with your thots you’re able to internally keep your energy high so you can build a larger practice, so you can bring on more in your life.

Are you all in the past? Are you all in the future? How often are you staying present?

Take a thot inventory and start rebuilding your internal dialogue!

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