Rhino University EP 15: The One Phrase for MASSIVE Impact

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Rhino University EP 15: The One Phrase for MASSIVE Impact


 Hey Rhinos, Dr. FJ,

I want to talk today about the most important phrase you will ever learn!

I’ve heard people say “if you spend more than 1 minute with a patient you’re wasting their time.”

I don’t think that’s always true, I think whatever your specific technique deems appropriate, then that’s what you do. If 1 minute works, then do that. 5 minutes? Then  5 minutes. Understand that and reverse engineer it so you can create a business and fee structure that allows you to spend that time and do really well, and that’s great! That’s being a great doctor and a great business owner.

I don’t care how much time you spend. What you DO need to do is be very efficient with your language so you’re not wasting 10-15 minutes talking about the weather when you could be checking and adjusting people. Now, some visits will take longer – it could be more complicated, has more resistance, so you need to spend that time.

I’m not saying not to build a relationship with your patients – I’m all about getting to know my patient’s families, and their lives, creating rapport and building that relationship BUT I’m talking about that WHILE I’m checking them.

It took Dr. Fred 7 years of MASSIVE daily visits to get this phrase  and it changed his practice.

Keep Charging!
Dr. FJ

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