84. Recommending Care Plans

There are still a lot of docs not doing plans.

Most of the time, at least that I've seen, this is usually because of FEAR, and actually has nothing to do with what the doctor feels is in the best interest of the patient.

The doctor is afraid of what the patients will say or do if they recommend a high number.

Twice a week for 12 weeks is an easy plan to recommend in the modern world.

But no matter what technique you use, by doing a 3-month healing plan, you will help way more people and make way more money.

By hiding and Not making a recommendation of 3-months, you are helping fewer people and making less money, just like my other.

By making a 3-month recommendation with a per visit, 1-time, and auto-debit option, not 3-month & 1-month, it is 3-month or per visit.

You help more people, see more people, make more money, and keep all the patients who want relief.

Do it!

It is life-changing!

Keep Charging!

Dr. FJ

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