33. Please Don’t Make These 3 Marketing Mistakes

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33. Please Don’t Make These 3 Marketing Mistakes


Appeal To Everyone

This is the most common mistake in all of marketing. Don’t get me wrong of course Chiropractic can help everyone but that doesn’t matter; by trying to appeal to everyone you appeal to no one. The reason we do this? Fear


We are afraid that if we only speak to kids, pregnant women, people who want gentle, chronics, etc… then we are missing so many other people who could come to our office. We are also afraid if we only speak to this smaller group and they don’t like us then there will be no one left. .. NO!!!!!! Then you will have to move in to your mother in laws basement.


Being clear about what you do and who it is for is very different than kicking patient’s out who don’t have the time or money right now. That is what most chiropractic coaches teach and that is why they don’t have a practice, don’t own their practice or they or their associates are screening slaves.


What I do and teach is very different. The person that comes in my office and tells me "just jump on my left hip and crack it, I don’t need the x-rays and all that."
I tell them “I don’t think our techniques and process will be a good fit for you.”

It is amazing after that how many people totally change their tune and then follow my lead. A few do leave though and you have to have the courage and toughness to allow that to happen.


No Story

Your message must be a story. If you want a tribe that spreads the word about you and happily pays a premium for your skills. There has to be a story, a struggle and a wrong to be righted. Facts get forgotten and stories get retold.


For centuries we taught our children and our tribe through stories because they are sticky and best of all, they stir emotion. They must be true, authentic and be told everywhere your patient’s look.


Make your story and your service remarkable and watch your practice grow. The best part is you get to skip the typical BS being taught, no fear, manipulation or slimey tactics.


You create the practice of your dreams and the people you want to serve tell others like themselves. Your practice self-propels itself.


You Speak To You

You write like you are talking to yourself or another principled chiropractor. This is a huge mistake you have to write all your marketing like you are talking to a patient. It needs to be simple or have simple analogies to teach, it should be education based, be about what’s in it for them and why should they care.


It needs to be conversational and easy to read. This is also the problem with so many scripts out there. I have many new clients that are struggling with their consult and ROF because they are reading a script instead, they should be having a conversation with empathy and interest.


The way we do it is harder for sure, you have to care, listen and be focused for each and every patient. But that is why it works so much better and you avoid all the super negative reviews.


Avoid these 3 mistakes and your marketing will have the blueprint for long lasting success and perpetual growth.


Keep Charging!

Dr. FJ Schofield

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