2. One simple habit, for Massive Success

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2. One simple habit, for Massive Success

For those of you who don't know my story, I played college tennis, and my sophomore, I went 11-10 at the #4 position. It was a disappointing year.

In my junior year, I moved to the #3 position, so I was playing a higher quality opponent, and I went 18-2. My winning percentage went from just over 50% to 90%.

I was not drastically more talented and had the same size and speed, obviously, but my results were so much better.

What happened?

I improved my focus. I became intensely focused on the now and concerning myself with my performance.

In sports, life, and clinical practice, if you become overly focused on the past and future, your present performance suffers, and unfortunately, that is where so many people live.

How did I improve my focus?

It might surprise you, but it was quite simple.

I used a mantra, and made it a habit.

My mantra was "FOCUS." I would affirm this over and over again, anytime my mind drifted into the past or future.

This improved focus helped me win 3 to 4 more points a match, and that is the only difference between 11-10 and 18-2 record.

I use this same tool today anytime my mind drifts from the now, I internally chant focus over and over until I come back to the moment.

This simple practice will help you do better, consults, ROF's, adjustments, table talks, etc. because you are present and completely focused.

Being focused on the patient in front of you will separate you from 90% percent of other practitioners.

Sometimes it is not learning something new but making sure you are doing everything, every time to the best of your ability.

Keep Charging,

Dr. FJ Schofield

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