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81. Do You Understand Stats?

I talk to too many docs about needing a 90% commitment rate or this volume or this many new patients.

Every practice is different, and some have more new patients with lower commitment rates, and some have fewer new patients with higher commitment rates.

If you are a basketball fan and judge Giannis on his three-point percentage, you would think he is one of the worst players in the league.

However, he is one of the best that is just not the strength of his game. The problem is ego gets involved when docs talk about it.

Tracking your stats is very important because it allows you to evaluate where you are strong and where you need work, taking emotion out of it.

It also allows you to monitor quality control as you start to delegate when your office grows.

For example, in an office that gets a lot of new patients and has a lower PVA, if you grow your PVA by five visits, that could be massive growth for that practice.

Conversely, an office with a huge PVA, increasing its average new patients by two could also mean huge growth.

So stop comparing, track your performance and address what you need to, so you and your practice grow.

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