85. Commit to Care or Get Out

Previously I talked about recommending plans, however a very commonly taught procedure is only to accept patients that commit.

I have heard clients say coaches try to frame this decision by saying "it hurts the profession if you do or it hurts your practice."

That’s nonsense, I am in a small town, and my wife’s priest and kindergarten teacher come to us.

There is no way I am telling them to commit or get out.

I have had so many per visit patients get well, and I have had patients who commit, pre-pay, and unfortunately not get well (Yes, that happens sometimes, but everyone acts like it doesn’t).

The goal is to help people, turn a huge profit, and have a fun and rewarding practice.

By taking per visit patients, you significantly increase your reactivate patients and referral patients over time.

By not taking per visit patients, you help LESS people and make LESS money.

In the ROF I teach, you recommend plans and most of the time you will get patients to commit and pre-pay, but keep the patients that just wan to do per visit as well.

It allows you to serve everyone.

The much preferred WIN-WIN.

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