86. Ask For Help

I recently decided to go back through and update our checklists, proceedures and office manual.

I am typically good at delegating, but my office manager has been off a lot.

So, for some reason, I decided to do this myself. (Terrible idea.)

After several weeks of making minor progress, I couldn't believe the disaster I had created LOL!!!

To one of my newer CA’s.

She is a high fact finder and follow-thru from the Kolbe test.

If you haven’t done the Kolbe, go do it. It gives you so much good info.

Since she has taken over, we have gotten 10 times closer to updating both, and I have time to do what I am good at and enjoy.

If you constantly have to force yourself to do specific tasks, then innate is telling you that the task is not where your talent lies.

There is a sacrifice period where you have to Rhino Up and get stuff done, but once you have a team, then you have to get good at knowing who to delegate to and what duties to delegate to them.

Then get out of the way and let them do it.

Where could you ask for help & support from your team, leading to greater productivity, better outcome, and more time?

Keep Charging!
Dr. FJ Schofield

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