6. Are you doing YOUR work?

Action, Dr. FJ -

6. Are you doing YOUR work?

I believe we all have a unique skill set, it has to be developed and trained of course, but we have a natural tendency to excel in certain areas.

The key is to get clear about what your skills are and start using and honing them immediately. There are always a million reasons not to do YOUR work.

There is a resistance that fights you.

It appears in your doubts, fears, excuses, and holds you back from making the impact you seek to make.

It tells you: "you can’t charge that much," "you can’t see that many people," "you can’t take that time off," "only you can do that," ....and then you end up stuck.

Unable to grow, Unable create freedom, Unable to prosper.

The only way I know to overcome this resistance is with action.

Start by just showing up, doing, falling, learning... but don’t wait.

Be honest with yourself about the work you want to do, learn the necessary fundamentals, and then take action.

Hiding is safer, waiting is easier, and that is why most people do it.

Do YOUR work. The world needs it, do it now.

Keep Charging,

Dr. FJ Schofield

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