79. Quit Tearing Yourself Down

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79. Quit Tearing Yourself Down

I have been a chiropractor for almost 12 years, but I have been around the profession my whole life, and for the 30 years that I can remember, I have seen so many docs rise to prominence and then fall apart.

Because of this, I compare myself to no one and don’t worry about whatever claims this doc says or that doc.

I see so many docs constantly beating themselves up and tearing their practice apart because they compare themselves to some other doc’s life or practice.

Meanwhile, so many of these docs they are putting on a pedestal are either telling ½ truths or completely full of shit.

I have seen docs claim their office as the busiest in the world and then see their personal and business sadly fall apart. I have seen docs lie about their numbers, claim they are business experts when they don’t even own their office.

Cash experts that made most of their money from insurance it is crazy.

Anyone can get on social media in this modern world and make wild claims about how successful they are.

If they are persuasive and comfortable with lying, then many times, they seem believable.

The beauty is most of the time, in this digital world, they expose themselves.

None of us are perfect, and running a successful practice and maintaining a happy family and good health isn’t easy.

So, start building yourself up and be proud of every personal record, and don’t listen to a lot of the nonsense out there.

Create your vision, your goals, your priorities, and get to work creating what you want. Remove the ego that wants to compare and enjoy the process.


Keep Charging!

Dr. FJ Schofield

Dr Fj Family

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