53. Your One Thing, Do you know how to achieve it?

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53. Your One Thing, Do you know how to achieve it?

When you have a practice, family, house, even with yourself, there are many priorities, but the key is to whittle them down to a few.

My dad loved the movie city slickers with Billy Crystal when the old cowboy lifts his index finger and says, "one thing, just one thing".

But it is so true, you have to figure out your why, your "one thing."

You have to continually find the few actions that lead toward the "one thing."

If you can do this, you will make everything better, more effective, and more fulfilling.

It doesn't have to be significant actions like inventing the smartphone.

It could be making sure to kiss your spouse every night and say I love and appreciate you.

It could be hugging your kids every morning before school, or improving your fitness.

It could be running a Facebook ad, having a new patient special, offering a prepay, or exercising every morning.

What's one action today, if you did, would make the most significant impact on your life's priorities, Your "One Thing." (Learn more about scheduling your day at RDT)

At times this might be marketing or hiring a team member.

Life as a doctor is challenging.

You are always facing new challenges with the most complicated structure on the planet, the spine, and the nervous system.

A skill you must develop is simplifying your life and then focusing on necessary action that ensures continued growth, which leads you to Your One Thing.

 Keep Charging!

-Dr. FJ Schofield

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