34. 4 Keys to Creating Loyal Patients

I see coaches and docs value new patients, commitment rates, PVA’s, and collections.

Don’t get me wrong these are all important, but I rarely hear anyone talk about the most crucial aspect of a business, Building Relationships.

Building relationships is the secret to de-commoditizing your practice and freeing yourself from the chains of price competition.

When a relationship is in place they refer, they follow, they pay, they come back, but they never consider going anywhere else.

Relationships are built on trust, compassion, interest, and results.

You can’t help everybody, but you can continually look for ways to help more and more of your patients.

My desire for better results, for example, lead me to study a specific upper cervical technique.

Then lead me to hire an associate trained in ART and Graston, then adding a flexion/distraction table, and every year I look at how we can help more and deliver even better results.

The amazing part of building relationships is out of the 4 components.

You control 3 of them, trust, compassion, and interest.

And you can deliver on these 3 for every patient, every time.

By delivering on this, you will be creating loyal patients.

A loyal patient over the lifetime of your practice is priceless.

Keep Charging,

Dr. FJ Schofield


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