25. How believable are you?

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25. How believable are you?

So many times, whether or not a patient commits to your care depends primarily on how believable you are.

The patient sees the value.

They know they need to do something.

They want a better quality of life.

But, they say "Yes" or "No" based on whether they believe you are the person that can deliver the results for them.

And this is why marketing is so important.

If the patient believes you can help them, even before meeting you, then there is no selling necessary, and the majority of patients will commit.

The most effective way to establish this authority is testimonials. Ask every time someone feels better, ask for videos as well.

A video of a patient telling their story about how you helped them is undeniable. (And you can always transcribe a video if you want to use in written material.)

We see so many people get well. We take it for granted. Stop it!!!

Each time someone gets well ask for a testimonial. Look to get different conditions, different quality of life changes, different fears & concerns, and different types of positive feedback.

That gives you a better chance to enter a conversation that is already going on in a potential patient's mind.

Keep Charging,

Dr. FJ Schofield


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