23. What to do when you have low New Patients

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23. What to do when you have low New Patients

You may have been wondering how to get new patient’s in the modern world.

This is what we teach at our Marketing Mastery 1 & 2 trainings.

Many of our clients are using these techniques to attract 10-20 new patients every week and some even more than that.

I will share many of these tools with you in a moment and how you can get access to all of them.

But, first a question for you:

How many times have you thought about how you have the knowledge, expertise, and skill to help so many people, but you can’t seem to get people in the door.

The phone, just won’t ring.

You check your office stats, and you are only attracting 4 or 5 new patients a week.

So frustrating!

Whether you are brand new in practice or have been in practice 30 years, there is one thing that will always be on your mind.

How can I increase my new patients?

Today, I am going to share 3 surprisingly easy tips to increase your new patients.

The first is training your current patients to refer to you.

(You can find out exactly how to do this in my marketing mastery course.)

The second is having internal & external marketing strategies in place that works in the modern world. This is what I am going to teach you today.

Here are 3 simple and effective ways to increase new patients without spending a dime on advertising.

1.) Get the most google reviews:

This is the new yellow pages. In some areas, Yelp is also very important, but Google is easier and works everywhere.

When a patient search for a chiropractor in your town and you have the most positive reviews, they are calling you.

2.) Friend and Family Coupon:

Once a month hand out 4 coupons with an evaluation special. This will lower barriers to doing business with you and gets people to pick up the phone and call you.

Every time a person asks if you can help their family member hand them a Friends and Family coupon.

$20 for an alignment evaluation would be a good offer that removes people’s perceived risk and gets them in your door, so that you can help them.

Anytime a referral comes in give them the $20 evaluation special. Then in your email marketing include a “PS” message with your $20 evaluation special, by consistently seeding this special you will be encouraging and reminding people to refer.

If your service is excellent, you are creating relationships, instead of closing, and you are getting results for your patients.

You will be loaded with referral new patients and reacts.

3.) Proprietary Education:

In the modern world with a chiropractor on every corner, in most areas, the bone on the nerve education is not good enough anymore.

You need to educate people on the specific techniques, treatments, and services you provide.

Explain why they benefit the patient and package them all together in a unique system or process.

This allows you to stand apart from the crowd and you don’t have to compete on price because you are different.

Implement these strategies right away and watch as the phone rings with Double-Digit new patients that are interested and high quality.

Your day 1 and day 2 will be more fun and your commitment rate will grow without using unethical tactics.


Keep Charging,

Dr. FJ


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