22. The Great Lie Consultants Tell You

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22. The Great Lie Consultants Tell You

Have you ever heard a consultant say that if you're good enough at your Day 1 and Day 2, you can motivate anyone to change their life or "close" them for care?

When I was young in practice, I actually believed this BS, and it's total nonsense.

Day 1 and Day 2 are only one important aspect of running a successful practice and I teach the tactics based on psychology to make your 1st and 2nd visit as effective as possible, but having a marketing strategy with tools and tactics that attract quality and interested new patients is far more important than your Day 1/ Day 2.

Being an average communicator with great marketing will make you way more successful and profitable than being a great communicator with average marketing.

The key with marketing though is to attract people who are interested in, and want what YOU DO!! This leads to a fun and relaxed Day 1/Day 2.

If you have to use the manipulation, fear and unethical closing tactics taught by many to try and create interest and value where it does not exist, it just means that you're attracting the wrong people to your office.

This can lead to short term gains, but long term you will lose. You also have the mirror at home looking you in the eye knowing whether you are doing work that you can be proud of or not.

Being clear in your marketing about what you do, who it's for, and how your service will not only remove their fears but ease their suffering and deliver the results they want, will attract people who want you, are happy to pay for your service and will listen to your advice.

You'll stop being a salesman or a closer looking to force non-interested people into care.

You are a teacher, healer, and doctor looking to help the people who need you.

You'll no longer have to compete on price.

You can charge the fee you deserve for your skill and expertise, your team's elite service, and your quality office.

You'll no longer race to the bottom.

You'll sit at the top and welcome your patient's with a smile and a friendly, low-pressure recommendation that will make their quality of life better, forever.

This is a different economy and this is a different approach to run a business and its FUN.

It's not easy, it requires the hard work of skill development, consistently delivering results, and caring and letting go of the patient's that are not right for your process.

Your community needs your skill, your expertise, your contribution.

This is work you can be proud of and I am excited to see what you do!!


Keep Charging,

Dr. FJ Schofield

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