21. Are you willing to say "No"

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21. Are you willing to say "No"


The hard work, most chiropractors, are not willing to do is tell their community, “This is what I Do.”

The reason they don’t want to do this is that they are focused on the people they will lose.

The people that don’t want what they have to offer and will not come in when they know the truth.

However, by trying to market to everyone, you market to no one.

By trying to please everyone, you become a doormat. No one respects, trusts, or follows a doormat.

The hard work I am recommending you do is to sit down and decide what you believe is the best way to help people.

Then craft this into a unique system and create a message that you Consistently Deliver.

Delivering everywhere, in and outside of your clinic.

It is scary, but by having the courage to focus on the people who want what you offer, and allowing the ones who don’t find a better fit elsewhere, you will eventually find yourself in practice with patients that want to be there, want what you offer, and are willing to pay for it.

Your commitment rates sore, your fees rise, and people are happy to be part of it because you have delivered the results they want in the way they wanted it.

Not because of luck, but because you skillfully and courageously put your hand up saying this is whom I help and this is how I help them.

They entered your office ready to be your patient.

This type of life and practice, all starts with having the courage to say “No.”

Chase Your Joy,

Dr. FJ Schofield

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