18. The Most Dangerous Thought for An Owner

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18. The Most Dangerous Thought for An Owner

I was speaking at a recent seminar and explained that in the summer, my office has a screening booth at the Farmer’s Market.

It is only 4 hours long, and I pay my team to do it.

They can make more money, and I get that time with my family, so we all win.

But someone in the audience said, “You are above that?”

They were joking, and it was kind of funny.

On the way home from the training I was thinking about that statement, and realized that thinking like that, in regards to your business, would ensure you never create freedom in your life.

If you do all the activities for your office because you are not above them, you will never have the time and energy to focus on the handful of higher level duties that only you, the chiropractor or owner, can do.

Look at the activities and see which ones are not part of your innate talents, which are the ones anyone is allowed to do and you can pay someone $12-$20 an hour to do and let those go.

To be clear, this does not mean you are above those activities it merely means you are giving someone money to give you time to focus on the work that can generate $200 to $1,000 an hour or more.

The adjusting, vision creation, execution evaluation, innovation, tactical decision making, strategic growth, leadership, etc.…

These are the activities that you want to spend your time doing.

Screenings, networking groups, writing checks, payroll, responding to emails, taking out the garbage, getting the mail, scheduling hotels and flights, checking social media for questions, emailing x-rays, calling confused patients, these are some of the activities you want to delegate and outsource.

Not because you are above them, but because you want to make a more significant impact.

To create this more significant impact, you need to be focusing your time on the unique and meaningful work that only you can do.

By doing this, you will allow yourself to have more fun, create more freedom, and create more jobs.

Everyone wins.

Keep Charging,

Dr. FJ Schofield

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