15. Build Trust with Patients in a Surprising Way

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15. Build Trust with Patients in a Surprising Way

We all know, getting people to trust you, is the key to better outcomes and commitment to care.

If people trust the messenger, they will trust the message.

Building rapport helps in gaining trust, of course, but is there any way to build trust faster?

and YES, there is!

It happens before you cover the features and benefits of your practice and value load at your ROF.

Using this trust-building tip, which I'll explain below, doesn't take away or cancel out explaining all the great stuff you are going to do and why it's important and how it will help them avoid more pain and achieve their goals.

That info will be far more persuasive if you first list one drawback of your techniques, process or practice.

For example, my fees per visit are the most expensive in my town.

So, I say "Our process is not the fastest or the cheapest, but because we fix your alignment, you will get better results and long term you will save time and money because you will not have to come in very often in the future."

A few keys to this are:

  1. List your drawback: Not cheap, longer visit time, limited parking, not conveniently located, etc.
  2. Use But, However or Yet
  3. Focus on your strengths, Using this is something I have focused on recently, and it is working great.

Keep Charging,

Dr. FJ Schofield

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