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Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century!” ~ Dr. Andrew Weil, Leading Health Expert

The amount of electricity in our environment can be overwhelming to think about. Our environment is saturated with invisible EMFs from electrical wiring, appliances, Wi-Fi., computers, appliances, cell phones, hydro and cell towers, etc.. EMFs affect every aspect of our physical, emotional and mental health and contribute to every disease and disorder Many different terms are used when talking about the electricity that is in our environment. You have probably heard them: electromagnetic field, electromagnetic radiation, magnetic field, electric field, microwave, EMR, ELF and so on. It is not important to define these terms or distinguish between the different types of electricity; the important thing is, that all chaotic non-biological electricity is a threat to our physical, emotional and mental health. The term “chaotic” is intentional because some forms of manmade electricity are used for therapeutic purposes. This article does not concern therapeutic electricity. In this discussion, “EMF” will be used to refer to non-biological chaotic electricity; EMF is an abbreviation for the electromagnetic field and is often used to refer to harmful manmade electricity.

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