This Tool is worth MILLIONS!!!

Kolbe Index -

This Tool is worth MILLIONS!!!

Stop running against the wind, only kites fly against the wind. After 37 years of motivating and serving thousands of patients, training over 25,000 Doctors and their employees: chiropractic assistants, clinic managers, front and back office staff, we have realized the true value of an incredible tool: The Kolbe Index A.


When I first came across the idea that my spouse, Susan Schofield, and I work differently, it was frustrating. She thinks differently than I do and then takes action differently than I do.   Her actions are predictable and determined by her Internal iNNATE force that governs how she manages tasks; it is incredible, and so different than myself. We found out that when it came to managing our practice, I am a sprinter and Susan is a long-distance runner.  We were trying to play on the same team (which by the way, is a great combination) however it only worked when we understood each other’s strengths and weaknesses, this is where the Kolbe Index presented itself to us.  Kathy Kolbe, who lives in Phoenix, developed this assessment solution tool and we have been using it since the 90’s.  

Now, if you think I’m talking about personality profiles, you are incorrect.  The Kolbe A Index is not that at all. We have done many personality tests and this Kolbe A Index is totally different and truly blew our minds. Only 36 questions and it completely pin pointed our iNNATE instincts.

The Kolbe A Index that you are going to take (information at the bottom of this blog) is about human cognitive instincts or the iNNATE Power behind your actions.  This is the source of mental image which is the iNNATE Force that drives your instincts. You are more efficient when working with your instincts instead of resisting and fighting them.

For example: documentation.  You may not like documentation but it is essential in your practice as it is one of the most important aspects of your practice; if you are not documenting properly, than you might as well not be documenting at all.  Some Doctors may think they do not like documenting not realizing that it is because they are not natural documenters. In general, MOST CHIROPRACTORS do not know their qualities of managing themselves, let alone their office team.  The Kolbe A index will help you come to this conclusion and help you discover ways to work through the things you don’t enjoy by utilizing your iNNATE instincts.

After coaching over 25,000 individuals in practice over the last 37 years, I have heard so many doctors say, “No one told us that we have predominant instincts; that one size does not fit all.” For example: I am a Quick Start and Fact Finder and Susan is a Researcher and Implementor (you will understand these terms when you take your evaluation/assessment). Your iNNATE instincts will govern your behavior in practice.  When you discover where your instincts lie, you then can apply the information in your business environment.

Remember there are only two challenges in practice: Procedural and Behavioral.  You will find that 80% of all challenges in your office are Behavioral.  Thru the Kolbe A Index you will now find out how you function internally. Exciting, right?!

There are four categories:

  1. Fact Finder (Researcher): instincts create a need to “investigate” in depth
  2. Follow Thru: patterning instincts cause us to seek a “sense of order and structure”
  3. Quick Start: iNNOVATIVE instincts are the “force behind experimentation”
  4. Implementor: demonstrating instincts “converts ideas into tangible form”

We all have talents in all four categories but we have distinctive instincts, some of our talents are more dominant than others.

We have found that when you do not like something there is a “resistance” that can be just as powerful as “insistence” behavior.

A doctor who is resistant to Quick Start cannot stand chaos and wards off change as strongly as a person who is insistent to Quick Start and thrives on the balancing act of practice.

We have found that a person who is resistant to Implementation will never accomplish a task without a hands on approach. Just as predictably, if you are insistent to Implementation you demand a tactile approach, IE: paper documentation vs paperless.

A person resistant to Fact Finding will not research while an insistent Fact Finder cannot do without researching and can never get enough research.

A person resistant to Follow-Thru will get sick at the thought of keeping charts, graphs, and documentation while one insistent to Follow-thru will cherish documentation.

Can you see how important it is to know your strengths and your weaknesses? Ultimately there are no weaknesses. It is about knowing what dominates your “modus operandi” which means: “How do you accomplish a task?”  This is a mental footprint.  Once you figure that out, your mental pattern will be revealed and you will have a roadmap to follow.

I worked with a chiropractor once who was a Quick Start and an Implementor. Follow-thru and Researcher were not as dominant; this was proven in that she did not like taking notes.  She would chop and changed topics constantly. What we found is that she actually liked implementing a documentation program more than documenting.  Once we discovered her strengths, she began loving to accumulate the documentation. Some doctors prefer paperless, but for those who are tactile, paper is a necessity. Why? Because being a high implementor, like this Chiropractor, is a tactile approach.  What an “A-Ha” moment for that doctor, who then doubled her practice.

So let’s find and tailor your instincts to your strengths. Find out what your strong qualities are and accentuate what you like.  This will lead you to other instincts and strengths.  Let’s stop running against the Wind.  Take the Kolbe A™ Index/Instinct Test: for $49.95, a small investment with big rewards.  If you DeSire help understanding or interpreting your Index, give us a call at (800) 554-3260. I will consult with you and demonstrate how you can improve your practice, by Improving Yourself!!! (for Free for a limited time!).
Kolbe A™ Index/Instinct Test:

Kolbe A™ Index Result $49.95

The Kolbe A Index is unique. It does not measure intelligence, personality or social style. It measures the instinctive ways you take action.  Your results will describe your natural strengths – your modus operandi (MO).  There are two responses for each question – MOST and LEAST. Choose ONE response for the way you would MOST likely act if you were free to be yourself, and then choose ONE response for the action you are LEAST likely to take. There are no right or wrong answers. If you are not sure which option to choose, give us a call at 800-554-3260.  This tool is incredible and worth MILLIONS! It will change the way you practice!!



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