Webinar: Renewal, Followup & an Extra Touch

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It's important to understand that the value of a happy and loyal patient in the modern world goes far beyond their lifetime value numerically.

Social media has made the world a very small town and in small towns you get punished more for destroying relationships and rewarded more for creating relationships. You will win big if you make it a habit to work hard to create strong relationships with every patient; social media and search engines have made it easy for people to let everyone know how great you are.

Where it's common for offices to get sloppy is that they lose their structure with their renewals. Being disciplined about doing the progress reports and continuing to recommend the ideal care for your patient's will make a huge difference to your results, collections, and volume.

If your patients don't think you care about them you'll see them stop coming in for adjustments, they end up going somewhere else when new symptoms or disease happen, they don't refer friends or family, they don't value what you do or trust what you do and in the end - they'll go somewhere else where they feel that the doctor does care about them and their situation.

In this webinar Dr. FJ will show you different ways you can show extra care for your patients that any office can benefit from but especially if you don't typically see your patients come back after their care plan ends or if you're not getting a lot of feedback from your patients or even a lack of referrals from them.



The day of the Webinar (Tuesday, May 19th) you'll get a link emailed to you to join the webinar!

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